We encourage you to check out our Instagram @malletlab and our MalletLabtv tab as well as our featured testamonials for videos and feedback on the MalletLab Summer Intensive experience.

What will a typical day be like? 

Each day will be slightly different, but will all encompass the same thing. There will be lectures by teaching artists and guests on technique, ear training, audition philosophies, career development, composition, and more. There will be daily masterclasses, ensemble rehearsals, and one-on-one time that will be focused on the path you signed up for.  Expect great hang time with like minded colleagues and educators. 

Will there be activities in the evening?

Yes! Each evening, 'active' participants will have access to an instrument for practice until 11:00pm or midnight.  This includes additional after-hours time for ensemble rehearsals. There will be planned activities that students can take part in and jam sessions specifically put together with our members in mind. So bring your drum set, hand percussion, piano, and anything else you have ready for these fun nights! There will also be after-hours hangs with the educators! 

Will there be a final performance? If so, who will be included? 

Yes! There will be a final performance either on the evening of Friday, June 15th

I read about a video being required, is this for audition purposes? Can my application be rejected? 

Everyone will be allowed to participate in the camp, but we want to make sure that we put everyone in a position to be successful and get the most out of their experience. Knowing your performance level will help us to place you in skill appropriate ensembles and classes. A video is required for approval after May 15th or as spaces become limited! 

What should I include in my video?

While a solo is preferred, any video that shows your level of mallet playing is acceptable. 

What level player is this camp geared towards? 

This camp is geared toward all levels of musicians, from student to professional. That is why we are keeping the enrollment small. Just by looking at this years faculty, you can tell that it will not be a "kiddie camp". There will be sessions on career development from professionals who are making a living and supporting their families with their art. There will be a high level of technique discussion that professional percussion educators can use to inform their own ensembles. In addition, there will be enough staff to accommodate some of the exceptionally talented youth accepted into the program.

What are the accommodations like? 

Those who choose to take advantage of lodging will stay in Palm Beach Atlantic University campus dorms. The rates we will be offering are for shared rooms that sleep 2-3 to a room. If you want your own room, on your own or with your family, we can discuss price options. 

Is there an age limit?

While the course is open to all students, those under 18 must have a signed waiver to take advantage of the housing accommodations. 

How will the groups be organized?

Groups will be organized by age and ability. However, some younger students may be placed on easier parts in more advanced ensembles. We believe in pushing the next generation through engagement and access. That being said, it is important to us that no one is put in a position that they will feel uncomfortable musically. 

Can I bring my own instrument? 

Yes! Bringing your own instrument is encouraged, but not necessary. We will have plenty.  

Are meals included? 

No! But we do offer an optional meal plan that can be purchased.  This covers 3 meals per day all five days of the camp. Price is $30/day.