Congrats on getting one step closer to "leveling up" your mallet playing! We have designed this course to be, not only fun & beneficial, but potentially life changing. To make sure everybody gets the most out of it, we have a few guidelines that you should read before you sign up! 

  • You must fill out the registration form complete with two non-related references that can attest to your character and work ethic. One must be a current music educator with a working knowledge of you and your work ethic and personality.

  • You must submit a clear video of yourself performing in a solo or small ensemble. We prefer this NOT to be a video of you in a marching band front ensemble. If that is the only video that you have, please make sure that you are prominently featured in the video, and that it showcases your musical ability. Videos, which only show technical exercises will NOT be accepted.

  • Please submit the video, at the time of registration along with a deposit to hold your spot. If for some reason, you are denied admittance, the full amount deposited (less processing fees will be refunded)

Some More Details…

  • Members will get opportunities for 1+1 private lessons with a guest artist of their choice and perform with selected guest artists. You will have opportunities for masterclass participation, extended access to instruments, and the chance to spend time conversing with them after camp hours conclude. Students must present videos (YouTube, Vimeo etc..) of themselves playing mallets, either solo or in an ensemble setting.

  • The course runs formally from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, with extra activities taking place after the course concludes each day.

  • While the course is open to all students, those under 18 must have a signed parental waiver to take advantage of the housing accommodations.


Meal plans are offered during the camp. $30/day. Breakfast, lunch, & dinner (Monday - Friday) provided on campus. Purchase below. 


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